ApTex Tool Management Systems Save You Money!

Save Time

Automate processes and reduce redundancies. Minimize downtime from stock-outs, streamline product changes, and eliminate paperwork .

Boost Profits

Reduce item usage by 20% or more. Realized savings from reduced costs and time will strengthen your bottom line.

Reduce Inventory

Reduce your inventory investment - consignment available. Stock only what you need, when you need it, to reduce waste and save space. 24/7 control of your most critical items.

Local Support and Service

Our customers typically save 20% to 30%

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The help you need, tailored to you.

ApTex knows that an off-the-shelf vending system likely won’t meet your needs. We take the time to truly understand your workflow and challenges, and then design a customized vending solution that will help you achieve your business goals.

Endless possibilities.

ApTex offers a full range of tool management solutions to reduce your costs and ensure the products you need to keep your plant running efficiently are available when you need them. Whether it’s simple consignment, bin stocking programs, KanBan, or automated tool dispensing, we can provide a custom solution that will significantly lower your costs, increase your productivity, and reduce your heartburn!

Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Local Support by Factory Certified Technicians

ApTex has been recognized as an AutoCrib Premier Distributor since the program’s inception in 2009. Our unparalleled expertise in providing your firm with innovative vending solutions will show you significant immediate dividends.

Tex Support

Not only has ApTex designed and installed more AutoCrib & ToolBOSS systems than most distributors, but we have also made substantial investments in training our staff to guarantee our customers receive exceptional service and support.

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